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I’m 20 years old with a $ 2300 a month + bonuses every 3 months ($ 900 minimum). I was at coral spring automall yesterday and they told me that my credit was 640 but i’m really young. My parents were financing a CRV for three years until my dad got in a crash. i think the bank is paying the car off but we are going to have to buy another one. Since my parents just got a mortgage about a year ago so their credit went down at the point where they can’t even get aproved by any bank to even finance a car. Now we have to buy 3 cars by next week. So the finace guy over there told me that if i can get a loan under my name from credit union for about $ 14000 for a 2007 charger with 27000 miles, he will get me another loan at %6 APR as a college student that will graduate within the next 6 moths.Do you think i will be approved for that loan????.By the way they they already gave me final prices on the cars. ((2007 charger with 27000 miles for $ 13000 including a $ 3300trade that i took over there), $ 14000 fr a 2005 Nissan Morano with 28000 miles and $ 7000 for a honda accord. today, i was think about apply for a $ 35000 loan for school and make the car payments through that loan. that way, i will wouldn’t have to pay so much monthly. by the way, i have enough schoolarships to continue my studies so i don’t need the loan. please comments…suggestions, ideas, anything that you can say after reading this. I’m waiting for some good help…Thanks a lot people.!!!!


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