Help! Home loan, can I even get one?

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We need a house asap. We are looking at a cheap one, $ 22,000. First time home buyers (hopefully) in the state of PA, so any info on those type of programs would be good. I know I can’t go through a bank, it would have to be one of those rip-off mortgage brokers. But anyway check out our situation:
We only make about $ 22,000 a year. We owe ALOT! We owe about $ 20,000 in credit cards/vehicle loan. My fiance has good credit and he makes the most money. I have poor credit with hospital bills, 2 credit card settlements, and 2 utility bill collections from very recently (past 6 months) on my report. So I guess $ 22,000 GROSS a year broken down monthly would be about $ 1800 GROSS. Monthly we pay out $ 600 a month between loan and credit cards. Is there any hope for us at all? I am so desperate.
Purchase price is: $ 22k
taxes $ 902 a year
estimated insurance: about $ 350 (correct me if i’m wrong)
we have no money for a down payment.

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    Jon K
    April 30, 2011 at 1:10 am

    With no money for a down payment, and both signing on the home, then you probably wont even get approved with the rip off brokers. Sorry to say. You can try…..

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    April 30, 2011 at 2:05 am

    Your income alone (let alone the credit) will not get you the house. With your take home pay you should not even think of buying a house. The monthly gas bill will break you I’m talking $ 200 + in the winter plus food, water, electric, rent, taxes, insurance, car, credit cards, gas for car and DON”T have any children. YOU CAN NOT AFFORD THIS !!! Get a apartment and stop trying to live beyond your means and trying to keep up with the Jones. $ 1800 gross – that $ 600 car/credit cards – gas $ 100, electric $ 80, water and sewage $ 50, taxes $ 80, FOOD?, car gas? = over $ 1200 of your around $ 1,200 to 1400 take home pay. Not a smart thing to do!

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