Has anyone used the Premier Mortgage Funding for a home loan?

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Think about it for a home loan. Do you know if they have a good reputation.

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    February 2, 2011 at 2:48 am

    I know that some guy seriously spams around here and offers to get illegal loans for people.

    I would not trust them based on the spamming.


    I looked into this for you. The owner of this company, in Ohio, is involved with identity theft charges.

    Here are a scam warning report about Premier Mortgage Funding:

    The owner of this company hires loan officers and mortgage brokers who commit fraud. They do not work for the consumer as they have advertised in the Akron Beacon Journal. The mortgage broker in question, Trevor Renner, is employed by yet ANOTHER mortgage company, Premiere Mortgage Funding. Check out the Summit County Ohio Clerk Of Courts to see what these people have done to the consumer! Don Koncz, the owner of CJ Mortgage hired an UNLICENSED mortgage broker and a victim has won in a court of law against CJ Mortgage. I am a victim of this fraudulent company myself. The loan officer who works there, I will provide names at a later date, stole MY identity and committed crimes here in Ohio for which I am pursuing justice.

    This fraud is a precurser to the the fraud that is being committed by the mortgage servicing industry. I will have more information on the abusive practices of other mortgage broker companies for this forum very soon.

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