Has anyone else used Balancepro.net- credit counseling?

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My credit union recommends a program called Balance pro. They will look at your bills etc and make recommendations etc. There is no cost to do this. They also offer debt management etc. I believe the cost for this is $ 35.00 per month. However they will get your interest rates lowered. I’ve tried to do this myself but my credit card companies refuse to lower their rates. Has anyone used this?
I checked with the Better Business Bureau and they have had no complaints against them.

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    July 21, 2011 at 3:44 am

    Be really careful with these companies.
    Some people end up paying thousands of dollars for something they can do themselves.

    Go to your library or book store and get a book on debt repair first.
    It will teach you how to effectively negotiate with your creditors and get the interest and payments reduced.

    You have to try to do this yourself with some self-education.
    Now, get in your car and visit your library.
    If you still decide to go through them please do me this favor.
    Google debt negotiation scam complaint or rip-off.
    It will open your eyes.
    These companies really can’t do much more for you than you can do yourself.

    Someday make it a goal to use credit cards wisely for top 800+ scores.
    Charge a little something like food or gas and pay in full each month. /

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