Has any one been riped off by a mortgage company?

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I had made additional payments to National City Mortgage and applied to get relief of PMI and they would not cancell the payment. Even when I had payed my loan down to below 80% as they stated on their web site. Their site had the word “may” as to indicate this would not be that easy. PMI is a cash cow for banks and even when on faith you make all the required payments they still hold you hostage. To make matters worse they wanted to have me pay for an aprasel. This bank was unfair and all they wanted to do is pass the bulk to the PMI underwriter. Advice: Don’t let this banK or anyother bank screw you, get a loan for 20%

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    May 4, 2011 at 12:12 am

    look into getting a new mortgage company- Call your company back and let them know that your considering the many options out there for you if they refuse to honor the PMI agreement. stick it to them they want your money and dont want to lose you as a paying customer. However, just a threat of moving on with your money may be enough for this company to come to thier senses and fess up on there “MAY”

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