Why do my family judge me so much?

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    I have a 2 1/2 year old son with my partner of 5 years Sean. We both met working in a restaurant. We were both managers. When I became pregnant I quit management and demoted myself to a waitress. It was better pay, I could double my wage with tips and I could pick and choose my shifts better. Anyway, when we wanted to buy a house, I went back to management for 6 months to have proof of earnings which I don’t have as a waitress. I was working silly hours. As soon as we got the house I went back to waitressing 3 days a week but doing 12+ hours a day. I have to work as Sean has lots of debts from before we got together. My family say I shouldn’t be working these hours and I should get a day job. But a day job would mean I’d have to work 5 days instead of three to get the same wage and thats not even including the tips! Next summer all his debts will be paid off and I wont have to work at all. My son spends one day with Sean, 1 with my sister and one with my mum or seans parents. Do you think I am wrong?
    Yeah Sean works those days our son is at my sister s or mums. Some weeks he comes home early and picks him up from them. He works 5-6 days a week some 12+ hour shifts. My family think we shouldnt both do the job and our son should sleep in his own bed every night.

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