Who is responsible for proving that my rent was paid?

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    I became injured last December and was out of work for 3 months. Since April I have paid my rent on time and also paid extra money in order to pay off my debt. After bringing my rent up to date as of mid November, my property manager is now saying that I still owe rent for those 3 months. I always paid my rent with money orders until I got a checking account in October. I have never kept any of the money order reciepts and can only prove in court 3 checks that I have written since getting my checking account. My property manager has never supplied me with any reciept of payment. Are apartment buildings required by law to keep documentation? Shouldn’t they have record of cashing the money orders? I have struggled all year to catch up… I refuse to repay what I have already paid. I fear this will end up in court, please advise.

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