What is your opinion on buying a house with cemetry at back side.?

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    Answer could include any practical/non practical reason. But please support your answer with genuine experience /sources.

    This is a war memorial cemetry and there is a operational railway track in between, which is busy during the day. There is a big lawn so noise never reaches the house, and house is double glazed. There are other 15 houses in that row, behind which there is a cemetry seperated by railway track and some thick thin bushes. There is no problem with resale..house price/demand is very high..I am asking on what are belief or any vaastu/feng shui -ve points.
    Cemetry is not visible from house.
    Its London tube tracks, I doubt if they would be too noisy to be an issue!! When I went for vieweing I didn’t notice either of them, as there were some bushes, I just knew that they are quite close, it was when I saw the map, I discovered tracks are behind bushes and cemetery after that. I am also superstitious, but I need some logic to base it on, as this is a posh locality and I don’t want to miss something so good for wrong decision.

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