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      My wife and I are looking to buy a new(first time buyers)*home. Over the last year we have cleaned our credit up.Last time I check, her Equfax* was a 670, and mine is aorund 660. My trans is a 655 and hers is a 620. She has a credit card that she owes $1,300 on. They made a settlement offer of $500 & will remove form her transunion. We disputed it with the other two CRAs and it was removed. She has a charge off, from Oct 2005 for around 3,000 and two late payments (30 days) on a car loan we paid off in 2009. She has a student load she owes $3,500 on that has never been late.She also has two credit cards with low CL that are paid off.*We will probbaly pay about. Not sure about the Experian CR but it is the same as*the equfax.Only one that is diff, is the transunion with the one cresdit card. As for me I have a sears card I owe that was charged and sold in 2008. Last payment was in 2007. I*owe about $1,500 on that. Then I have a charge off for a CC for about $500 and it will fall off my CR next year.I also have*3 credit cards,that*i owe about $400*all together.*We have about $15,000 to put down and are lookig in the $150,000- $190,000 range. One year ago both of our credit scores were in the mid 500 range. She is a RN and makes about $75,000 per year, I have my own business and makie about $30,000 and am going back to school this spring. Could we get aproved on her income alone?Also we have not been late on any payments since around 2008.*Thanks for any info in given.

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