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    We have a state tax lien showing released from 07. It’s a mistake. We didn’t owe any taxes from 07. We weren’t even living in the state that filed the lien. I now have a letter from the state that says as much. We didn’t owe any taxes, the lien wasn’t just released it never shold have been filed.* I already disputed and it was verified since the lien IS in the registry.
    I plan on contacting the CRA’s with a letter laying out my circumstances as well as the letter signed from the state revenue service.
    Here is my ?. We are in the middle of the mortgage process. We were*3 points over where we needed to be for our middle score and we lost 4 points for the hard inquiry…so I need another point back. This tax lien is my “ace in the hole”. Other than two REALLY old CO accounts (one is a zero balance and one is 1200 bucks but set to fall of in 5 months),* removing this lien is the guarantee I’ll get at least one point back.
    They DO NOT repull credit if we close within 90 days. We made an offer on a short sale and the time frame might be close (it was approved at the list price which is what we offered) Our late July closing gives us about a 14 day time frame to go past before the 90 days where we’d have to repull.
    I’m assuming that the CRA is going to take this as a “dispute” and I understand we cannot have any open disputes. If i initiate this process THIS week, will it be done by the time we are set to close in late July?
    I really want this item OFF of our reports since it’s NOT legitimate, but I don’t want to jeaopardize our mortgage. My broker is on vacation and I am going to email him Tuesday, but I want to get this started ASAP, so it can be finished ASAP.

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