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    St.Rose of Lima was named Isabel when she was born in Lima, Peru, 1586, but she was such a beautiful baby that her impoverished family considered her their treasure and called her Rose. throughout her childhood, her beauty made people admire her, but very early in childhood, Rose dedicated her life to God. She was also devoted to her parents and obeyed them in everything they asked of her, except for one; she refused to marry because she wanted to give herself to God. In fact, Rose became so concerned that everyone around her was only interested in her appearance that she rubbed pepper on her face until her skin was blistered, dressed in rough clothing, and cut off her hair sono one would be tempted by her and so she would not succumb to vanity. Rose worked at embroidery and needlework to help support her family, even when she would rather have been praying. She sold her delicate creations and gave her family all the money. Eventually, she moved from her parents house to a hermitage, where she fasted and prayed. Although Rose spent hours in prayer each day, she was plagued by sinful thoughts and had a natural tendency to loneliness and sadness. But she cheerfully offered her suffering to the Lord and was rewarded with ecstasies of peace and joy. She often cared for the sick, even though she was frequently ill and weak herself, in part from the fasting she felt brought her closer ot God. During her last agonizing illness she prayed. Lord, increase my sufferings, and with them increase Your love in my heart.

    In today’s world, where beauty and possessions seem to mean so much, the story of St. Rose is just as relevant as it was when she was canonized in 1671, particularly to young people who are bombarded with messages about what to buy and how to look. While it is difficult to avoid distractions, most of us don’t have to move to a hermitage or isolate ourselves to bring Rose’s message of humility and comfort int he Lord into our homes.
    Encourage your child to donate something that is precious to him to someone who has less
    Whe you find yourself dissatisfied with your looks, whether its your weight, hair or clothes, remind yourslef of Rose’s modesty.
    the next time you want to pay someone a compliment, comment on their behavior or attitude rather than their appearance, doing so wil help you focus on what importnt in others as well.

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