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      I recently ordered my annual credit reports from, over the past 5 years I worked very hard at taking care of any problems I had with my credit, I paid off all debts, paid down all my credit cards, and took care of the two collections I had. I’ve been very diligent with my finances in order to maintain the good scores I was finally able to get… and then today when I pulled my new reports I noticed a*negative*item on my Experian credit report. There is a collections accounts listed as being opened in April of 2010 in the amount of $828. The original creditor is National Grid, but it’s listed under a collection company now. When I pulled my report in August of 2010 this item was not there. The account that it’s referring to was an electric bill from an old apartment… I paid this bill off IN FULL in January of 2005 (although prior to January, 2005 it was very VERY late)… how is it possible that a paid/closed account is being sold to collections 5 YEARS after it was resolved? I do still have documentation of my payment to National Grid. Is there anything I can do to get this removed? How can a company sell an account to collections thats already been paid? I really don’t understand what happened here but would like to get it resolved ASAP. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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