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      First I want to thank all of the moderators and helpful posters for all the time they have spent on these boards. *I’ve spent the past few weeks dilligently reading the boards all FAQS and threads I can possible. *I’ve already been pre-approved for a mortgage my media FICO is 668. *No matter I wanted to take some steps to improve my credit just for peace of mine. *I have already gone ahead and made the decision to hire Lexington Law. *I understand there are different points of view on using LL but it meets my needs and I wanted to at least try them.*


      However, there are still a few questions I have. *I have 4 baddies on my credit report that I need help with. *I like to share all of them with you and perhaps with the collective wisdom of the boards you can help me determine if I should still think about using LL or fixing myself. *(as starting to be my opinion) that these baddies are really hard to get rid of.


      First up:


      Bank of America #1 – Credit Card that was opened in 2004. *The 24th month payment history shows one 30 day late payment and these are the notes:

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