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      A close family member had his home burgled. Laptops, phones, jewelleries, cds, dvds and more have been taken. Only the main door was damaged, the rest of the house was just messy. Unfortunately the insurance is still processing his claim , almost 12 month now, by writing to them asking them different question as if they were suspicious of fraud. he was away with his family at the time. The main issues is that receipts were never kept as all the product were over 6 months and he did not think that he needed to keep them( not the he was able to get a full refund if anything went wrong after 6 month). Manuals or boxes were not kept for most of the item as he never had to use them or it was not needed, on top of that he does not have much storage at his home. He was quite an electronic/ technology geek so he never had any issues to make things work, but most of the time he would use manuals online if he really needed them. The only proof of ownership he had was pictures which he saved onto his laptop, desktop, cd and phone, which were all stolen during the burglary. The insurance company is acting like they will not pay out if he cannot hand in any kind of proof of ownership, can they do that? please advise.

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