How do you find a place to live without a good credit score?

Tips and Deals Forums Consumer Credit Improve Credit How do you find a place to live without a good credit score?

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      You make a few mistakes.. Like getting a credit card and missing a payment so they up the interest like 25%. Then you lose your job and you cant make payments.. So they drop your credit down to 550. So now this number.. 550 can dictate every important thing in your life.. Like finding work. Ya know they do credit checks for hiring now? Well then you have to take some crappy job for less pay and more work.. Then you have to get your own place so you shop around.. Oh big surprise! Every single friggin place you call expects a credit check.. If you have under 600 credit score then they tell you to piss off. How are kids supposed to survive without parents who are willing to cosign for everything? You cant get a car, a job or a place to live. Im not sure if its like this everywhere in the country.. But atleast here in South Jersey it is. How can they expect kids to move out before their 40?
      Ive looked for a private leaser.. Their arent any! They all go thru realestate brokers because their are thousands in the area.. (Its a resort Island I live on)

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