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      okay my birthday is sunday and i forgot to grab my books from school on wednesday….. i am going out of town. all i have is this assignment that im supposed to do before i come back to class monday. i did some but these ones i dont know what it is. and without my books im screwed so please help!

      Marks: 1

      Charitable aid organizations that helped immigrants cope with problems were known as
      Choose one answer.
      a. Settlement houses.
      b. Benevolent societies.
      c. Victorians.
      d. Insurance companies.
      Question 2
      Marks: 1

      The Immigration Restriction League tried unsuccessfully to impose ___________ on all immigrants.
      Choose one answer.
      a. A sobriety test
      b. A tariff
      c. Conspicuous consumption
      d. A literacy test
      Question 3
      Marks: 1

      Mass transit changed urban life by
      Choose one answer.
      a. Narrowing streets.
      b. Encouraging the growth of cities and helping create suburbs.
      c. Providing a way to get to baseball games.
      d. Encouraging the development of elevators.
      Question 4
      Marks: 1

      In the late 1800s, accountants, clerks, engineers, managers, and salespeople became part of
      Choose one answer.
      a. The labor movement.
      b. The upper class.
      c. Benevolent societies.
      d. The growing middle class.
      Question 5
      Marks: 1

      Much of the literature read by the nouveau riche in the late 1800s reflected the social standards of
      Choose one answer.
      a. British Victorian culture.
      b. The American poor.
      c. The French elite.
      d. The middle class.
      Question 6
      Marks: 1

      For poor, working-class Americans, city life

      Choose one answer.
      a. Was made worse by low pay, housing shortages and high rent.
      b. Held great appeal thanks to the advent of professional baseball.
      c. Led to wealth.
      d. Was an improvement over rural life.
      Question 7
      Marks: 1

      The primary goal of the Social Gospel movement was
      Choose one answer.
      a. To convert Jewish immigrants to Christianity.
      b. To provide jobs for women.
      c. To develop new priests.
      d. To apply Christian principles to social problems.
      Question 8
      Marks: 1

      The primary objective of compulsory education laws was to
      Choose one answer.
      a. Create teaching jobs for women of the middle class.
      b. Require parents to send their children to school.
      c. Provide training for doctors.
      d. Train children to operate industrial equipment.
      Question 9
      Marks: 1

      The term yellow journalism refers to
      Choose one answer.
      a. Newspapers that featured color photography.
      b. A style of reporting that was sensationalistic.
      c. Anti-Asian news reports.
      d. The color of the covers on many popular magazines.
      Question 10
      Marks: 1

      _____________ was on the few sports during the Victorian era in which women’s participation was encouraged.
      Choose one answer.
      a. Soccer
      b. Softball
      c. Basketball
      d. Baseball
      Question 11
      Marks: 1

      Many immigrants travelled to America by steamship in the lower levels of the ship, known as _________.
      Choose one answer.
      a. Below decks
      b. The cheap seats
      c. Steerage
      d. Second class
      Question 12
      Marks: 1

      In the late 1880s, Congress passed a law making immigration illegal for what ethnic group?
      Choose one answer.
      a. Irish
      b. Italians
      c. Chinese
      d. Poles
      Question 13
      Marks: 1

      What two technological advancements led to the development of taller buildings in cities?
      Choose one answer.
      a. Elevators and escalators
      b. Elevators and steel frame construction
      c. Steel frame construction and fire escapes
      d. Stair masters and treadmills
      Question 14
      Marks: 1

      Which of the following was NOT a possible reason that a younger immigrant was more likely to become more “Americanized” than an older immigrant?
      Choose one answer.
      a. Younger immigrants spent less time in the Old Country.
      b. Younger immigrants tended to believe that the ways of the Old Country were “old fashioned.”
      c. Younger immigrants were forced to take English classes at places like Ellis Island.
      d. Younger immigrants were more likely to attain training due to a longer life expectancy.
      Question 15
      Marks: 1

      Which city boasted the first professional baseball team?
      Choose one answer.
      a. New York
      b. Cincinnati
      c. Boston
      d. Detroit
      Question 16
      Marks: 1

      ____________ is the free and public spending of great wealth in order to impress others.
      Choose one answer.
      a. Conspicuous consumption
      b. Gospel of Wealth
      c. Vaudeville
      d. Social Gospel
      Question 17
      Marks: 1

      New immigrants and old immigrants were different in the following ways EXCEPT
      Choose one answer.
      a. Religion
      b. Language
      c. Ethnic origin
      d. Reasons for coming to America
      Question 18
      Marks: 1

      Many people objected to the game of ________________ as it grew in popularity in the late 1800s.
      Choose one answer.
      a. Baseball
      b. Football
      c. Basketball
      d. Volleyball
      Question 19

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