Does USA credit carry over into foreign countries with you?

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      I’ve read the other questions/answers on this subject and still haven’t gotten a definitive YES or NO. If an American relocates to a foreign country does that persons credit (good or bad) history/score relocate with them? I am looking for answers from people who KNOW the answer not from those that are guessing please. Also does it depend on the country moved to? Thankyou for your help!
      Please state how you know the answer you give! Thank you

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      Each country has it’s own credit system and they are not linked.

      However, if you continue to use an American based credit card you will continue to create an American credit history no matter where you live.

      If you move to a new country and want to get some sort of large credit – like buy a home/car/boat, or a large loan, depending on the company they may be able to pull your American credit report so in that case it does follow you. But, if you moved to Germany, your American credit history wouldn’t show on your German credit report.

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