Does Hud statement of Equal Housing and Oppurtunity for all constitute as False…

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      …advertizement ? In the next year many African American ,poor whites ,and hispanics that have spent the majority of there life behind bars are coming our.
      Some are disabled ,mentally impaired and have no business coming out to a society that isnt going to show them no mercy.

      After being by hit by a 18 wheeler and being out of prison many years I have found Hud has a policy banning men that are felons from housing unless there are a women with a child and even then it is still about 5 to 8 years or longer till that my be a possiblity .

      A 7 to 8 hour an hour job is futile and serves no purpose very little purpose .I find that haousing has create a deteriation in the morale of the men in America .

      What can a person do to what actions can they take towards the media and Hud offices to ensure that millions of men in AMerica can have housing and be able to eventually move out on be independent.

      I dont see these as possiblites but beyond fairytales .I have sopent 75 percent of my life seeking delieverance from chains .How many bullets how much drugs have to be sold how many people have to be hurt for the government to see people are starting to not care or have pity or compassion at all.

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      I would say to you good luck. Most states wont let you vote either on parole…Spend the rest of your time doing the right things in life and the rest will take care of its self. Remember no one is going to give you anything for free including your freedom. Save your money and buy a home with a conventional loan they have programs for a little as 10 percent with good credit and a job. its not 3 1/2 percent like FHA but its something…

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      EEOC does not classify bad behavior as a catagory that should be protected.

      We all pay for the bad choices we make in life

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      The definition of equal housing for all is wrote by your duly elected government representatives. It does not include convicted felons, so it isn’t false advertising.

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      This is a great question and raise a good point.

      Hud has many fair housing laws, and regualtions against discrimination. There are protected classes, and only certain times that those protected classes can be discriminated against. As of right now former criminals, are not a protected class. Does this make it right? I certainly don’t believe so. Can this be changed? I unfortunately do not think so either. Fair housing should be had by all, and I feel that someone who has done their time has paid for there crime. I would say best thing to do to gain fair housing would be to get references, secure a job, and continue exactly what you are doing. Change will come eventually, but as I’m sure you know it takes time. Especially in the situation you are in. Best of luck to you!

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      John – first my apologies on the change in employment – i know things are tough.

      unfortunately, while many of the debt consolidators are legitimate – NONE of them can keep your good credit intact.

      Debt consolidators work on your behalf to call credit card companies and tell them that their client will no longer be making their payments (typically the person hasn’t been paying for awhile). The bank wants SOME money and is willing to work to reduce interest rates, freeze rates, create payment plans or write off debt so the delinquent party can payoff their balances.

      the problem with any of these things is that as soon as it happens, a charge off is recorded with the 3 major credit agencies and your FICO will take a HUGE hit.

      Your best bet is to make the minimum balance and, if possible, transfer balances off of high APR cards to lower APR cards to save you some $ on finance charges. It’s not fun knowing you’re flushing your $ down the toilet every month – but look at it this way – the same thing would be happening if you were investing in the stock market 😉

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      Myth: Debt consolidation saves interest and you have one smaller payment.

      Truth: Debt consolidation is nothing more than a “con” because you think you’ve done something about the debt problem.

      For more information on the truth about debt CONsolidation, visit

      The only surefire road to financial freedom isn’t an easy one, but with the right discipline, it is very effective.
      Watch this video:

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      Please do not consolidate. It is not free, they will lower your payments by increasing the length of time until you are debt free, and you will take a hit on your credit score. There is a better way.

      A. Have a garage sale and sell anything that you no longer need or want.
      B.Get a temporary part time job, if you have one, get another. The holidays are coming and there will be plenty of temporary jobs available. It is better to have a no fun year or two than a no fun decade.

      Here is a plan that can help you. If you work the plan, the plan will work for you:
      1. Make a budget. Make the budget a week before you get paid. A budget is not a punishment! It is a tool which will free you from ever having to worry about money again. Put everything in your budget. Especially those annual, biannual, or quarterly bills like car registration, insurance, etc. Give every dollar you are going to bring home the name of where it is going. Add an “emergency fund” category to your budget for 25 dollars and save up until you have 1000-1250 dollars. Your emergency fund will help keep you from getting into new debt because of an emergency. If you can, set up a direct transfer to a savings account for your emergency fund. That way it moves automatically and you don’t even have to worry about it. You must cut your spending and live on less than you make.

      2.First get current on all of you debts and make no more late payments. Stop using your credit cards immediately. Do not take on any more debt. Credit cards are like quicksand only the death is much slower. Make a list of all of your debts in order of highest interest rate to lowest interest. Use cash only for your spending from now on.

      3.Pay the minimum due on all of your debts and then put your extra money towards paying off the highest interest one first. After you get that one paid off, you put the money you were paying on debt #1 (the minimum payment and the extra payment) towards debt #2. That will pay debt #2 off faster. When that is paid off, you put all three payments towards card #3 and that one will be paid off pretty quickly. As an example:

      To start :
      Debt #1 (highest interest): minimum payment+ extra payment
      Debt #2 (middle interest): minimum payment
      Debt #3(lowest interest): minimum payment

      Debt #1: paid off
      Debt #2: minimum payment from Debt #1+ Minimum payment from Debt #2 +extra payment
      Debt #3: minimum payment

      Debt #1: paid off
      Debt #2: paid off
      Debt #3:Mimimum payment from card #1+ minimum payment from Debt #2+ minimum payment from Debt #3+ extra payment.

      That way, you will get them all paid off, on time, and pay the least interest. It will also help towards rebuilding your credit since you will no longer have any late payments. This works no matter how many different debts you may have.

      4. After you get all of your debts paid off, add to your emergency fund until you have 6-12 months of income saved up. Put that emergency fund money into a liquid money market fund or into a Bank of America no-risk CD so that if you need the money you can take it out without penalty.

      5a. When you have your emergency fund in place, add a category for “fun” to your budget. Save for a holiday, a vacation, a big screen, or dinners out, whatever goal you want. Remember to enjoy your life.

      5b. When you have your emergency fund in place, start saving for your retirement. Join the 401(k) plan at work and contribute the maximum. Your employer probably matches at least part of your contribution so why give up free money? Open a Roth IRA and contribute the maximum on a monthly basis. If you start saving for your retirement now, you will probably retire a millionaire.

      5c. When you have your emergency fund in place, start saving for your next car. Only buy cars, or other things that depreciate, with cash. Save up for a nicer car. That way you get the interest instead of paying the interest.

      You can do it and it isn’t as hard as you think. Just follow the plan.

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