Dealing with LJ ROSS & Associates, need some advice ASAP!

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      We are currently trying to bring my fiancee’s score up about 40 points in order for us to get preapproved for a mortgage, he has several collections on his report, we have filed two disputes because the companies were unable to locate an account for him using his social security number or his name and birthdate.


      I know that it is inadvisable to speak to creditors over the phone, however we are on limited time, and need to bring his score up quickly. He contacted LJ ross a week or so ago, and they said they would delete all negative remarks off of his report if he paid in full ($270). We have the money to do so, but when we called back, they said they will not send* a letter to us stating that they will delete the account before we pay. They said that they will fax a letter while we are on the phone with them, but we have to pay with our credit card over the phone, and that they will send out the paperwork to have the account deleted from all three bureaus on the first of the month.


      Has anyone heard of anything like this before? I am just really confused as to what to do!

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