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      I had an account with HFC which is now with a law firm. I did get a lawyer and I have an agreement to make monthly payments and not have a judgement against me. I have made the payments and made them on time.

      My credit report shows:

      Status: Account charged off. $5,883 written off. $6,410 past due as of Jul 2011.

      Acct. History -charge off as of Dec 2010 to Jul 2011.


      they reported on my credit report CO for Dec 2010, jan-May 2011 and then nothing until July 2011, July 2011 Late.


      My queston is are they going to keep reporting CO and late until it’s paid off?* And I dont know why there is $5,883 charged off and $6,410 past due?

      thanks for your replies

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