**FOR people that know about iPod Touch Repair? Digitizer? HELP PLEASE!!**?

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Ok so here’s the thing, my iPod Touch 3rd Gen is broken after a few months of having it. And its been broken since May. So I want to repair it. Here’s the story:

My 3yr old daughter got a hold of it and put in her little kitchen sink filled with Big Red. I took it out, cleaned it, turned it off, stuck it in a bag of rice for a day.

At first it turned on, then it had the image to plug it to itunes, but itunes didn’t recognize it. Finally the next day it did. After about 10 restores I finally got it to the “Slide to Unlock” screen. But it won’t slide at ALL! I tried everything. A few weeks later I tried again, still nothing. The LCD is fine, Graphics are normal and all. When I plug it up to itunes it recognizes it and it will sync the ipod. It just CANNOT SLIDE like it doesn’t “sense” my touch or something. Its not frozen.

A few weeks ago I even updated the latest version thinking that would work but it doesn’t. So naturally I looked online for a solution. I came across a “digitizer” (a part in the ipod) thinking maybe this is what I need to replace. I found one on ebay for like $ 30 comes with screen, tools and all.

My question is: Do you think this is what needs replacing? The Digitizer. I don’t want to buy it if this is not whats wrong with my ipod. If you know a solution or if you think something else was damaged, please let me know. I really don’t feel comfortable using a credit card online, so I want to be Absolutely certain this is whats wrong with it.

Oh, before I forget:
Apple Store wont repair due to water damage.

Can’t buy a new one because, well really we can’t afford it. My husband got it for me for Valentines Day. I feel so bad that $ 200 dollars went down the drain. And its my fault for not putting my stuff in a secure place, while I was cleaning. So my daughter got ahold of it within that 2 min. I was vacuuming and noticed it was gone. So please don’t say “Buy a new one.”

I have a feeling it is repairable.I am willing to do the repair myself, I just need someone that knows about electronics, digitizers, ipod’s and stuff. Just to make sure Im making the right move and not completely off course. Thanks so much!

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    July 21, 2011 at 12:51 am

    I don’t know how much I know about electronics but it sounds like you’ve diagnosed the problem correctly. I recently had to replace the screen on my daughters and ran into a similar problem with intermittent issues with the touch screen…one side dead, calibration off, wrong icons activated, etc. All I had to do was re-seat the digitizer connection and they all went away. As long as there’s nothing else wrong with your ipod, replacing the digitizer should fix your problem.

    If you decide to give it a try you have a few options. 1. Pay someone to do it for around $ 50. 2. Replace just the digitizer 3. replace the entire front screen assembly (screen, digitizer and button).

    Option 2 is the cheapest at around $ 5 but it’s also the riskiest since you may break the screen when you take it off which means you have to go to option 3 anyway. Option 3 will run about $ 25 but the repair should take less than 5 minutes. If you do a youtube search you’ll be able to find plenty of examples where people did it.

    Lastly, here’s where I bought mine:


    They had the best price and got it to me in just a few days. Good luck.

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