Florida Tenant Rights/Being threatened by spouse of property owner.?

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Due to job loss, I fell behind on my rent in August. I since have found another job, and am making payments to the property owner in order to get caught up. She has been in verbal agreement with this since I got behind.

At this point, I owe $ 100 for August, and $ 850 for September. I am making another deposit tomorrow into her account (I have receipts for the deposits from the bank.) I will be making a deposit of $ 500 tomorrow, leaving the balance @ $ 450, which I will be able to hopefully pay upon receiving my next paycheck. Of course, I then have to attack the October payment of $ 850, which I will make every effort to do.

The owner of this condo recently remarried her ex husband, who is the bread winner, but whose name is not on the deed to this property. He is now making threats to enter the property without written notice, which to my understanding is illegal. I have not even been served with a 3 Day Pay or Quit notice, and he plans to pursue eviction through the legal system.

My lease does not include anything prohibiting me from changing the lock on the front door, to which he has a key. I am not willing to live in fear that he will enter at any given time. If he does, I plan to have him removed from the premises legally.

What is the best way to get him off my back? I have looked into getting a personal loan, with my car which is paid for, as collateral, but am hesitant to incur more debt. Would it be best to draw up a contract stating when the outstanding monies will be paid? This has become a nerve wracking situation for me. I am trying very hard to get caught up, but he is unreasonable, stating that he would rather pay mortgage for an empty place, than have someone living here who is not paying. (Untrue, as I am paying as much as I possibly can each payday.)

Thoughts/ideas/answers would be most appreicated.

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    May 1, 2011 at 3:39 am

    Maybe if you print out the tenants rental rights regarding property owner entry into apartment then note on it that you will contact Housing law, he may get the idea that what he is doing is illegal and lay off.

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    May 1, 2011 at 3:40 am

    I lived if Florida most of my life, and even rented out apts and motel rooms. If his name is not on the deed and the woman has not come to you and said he is in charge now, then he doesn’t have much to hold on you. As the verbal agreement is with the woman. She needs to explain the situation to him, and be fare enough as to not go back on the promise.
    Also have you been writing a check to deposit the $ $ into her account? As you want more proof than just the receipts to show you have been making those payments. As at any time he m,ay try to say you never made them and that you took the receipts from the woman .
    Check into the links I have below for more.
    About the locks I’m not sure about your situation with renting. As some places you can’t do it. But most apt building you can.

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    May 1, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Try to get your local DA to issue a cease and desist order against him. If he enters your property, file charges for breaking and entering (even if he has a key). He has absolutely no legal standing in this matter.

    Since you have proof that you have been paying the rent, and that she has been accepting your money, he will have no grounds to have you evicted – even if he had any standing to do so.

    Let your landlady know what he is doing and that you plan to enforce the letter of the law in your case. She seems far more rational than he, and it isn’t his business.

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