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im getting a foreclosed house soon and i went to get pre approved at bell mortgage. what they offered me was a FHA type loan with Nehemiah program gift. im looking at homes in the 115,000 – 150,000 range. what bell wrote up for me as a good faith estimate written and signed, was a 130k fha fixed with a 2950.00 down payment provided by a non profit. and at 5.500 % 30 years a p&I of 732.16 dun and said is 976.43.which i want to lower id like to be at $ 1000 after utilitys, at least this is what i know i can afford,im not even sure if its there a better program out there for me. I WONT RENT!
i live in andover mn with a 690 credit score, i aint got much in the bank and currently have little debt.(about 10k) i currently live with my parents so no rent. i work for my dad but get taxed through payroll. i make 20.00/hr and its very rare to work less than 50 hours a week in mid summer, but i dont work from mid nov. – april. in the winter i collect seasonal unemployment=351.00wk.
to thicken the plot i got t-boned on my motorcycle and have a year and a half lawsuite in the works. im guaranteed getting between $ 250,000-$ 350,000, keep in mind my lawyer gets 33.3%. i was waiting to buy a house but now i dont want to wait any longer, my lawyer tells within a year. and no i wont be paying the house off because i plan to invest into more to make a future out of it. so for now i aint got much to offer. read my other questions to get more info on that. or email me

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    May 2, 2011 at 6:40 am

    I am surprised you qualified, but I doubt you will get a better deal, that one is great considering your low income and poor credit.

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