Finding my second mortgage was sold … found by the automatic withdrawal of funds test?

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I sat on my online banking to do tonight. It seemed there was a charge to the NSF automatic nature of the experience of withdrawal. I took the game is exactly the amount of my second mortgage. I could not call the bank, it was after hours. I tried looking at my door regular mortgage, second mortgage and my info was not there! I could find some info about “world notes on-line trying to withdraw money. If you are a buyer of mortgages! I have never, Bank of America FUND WITHDRAWAL automatically approved, I can not manually each month. What is happening here? I am desperate to find all ├╝berhaupt.Inzwischen about if I get a restless night thinking some new note holders trying to withdraw money from me without my permission. I was never informed that they sold my second set!

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    My Take on It
    February 24, 2011 at 3:13 pm

    It is common that loans are sold and serviced by new banks/lenders. Don’t get worked up over that.
    What you should be pissed about is someone trying to do an ACH without your permission!
    I would call your bank tomorrow and inquire as to who authorized this because you sure didn’t and you want it reversed asap!~ and you want the NSF fee waived. Then, I would call the new loan servicer and get things straight with them as to how you pay your second mortgage…”manually” and that they are NOT authorized to debit funds automatically from your bank account. They have to have written permission or an electronic signature of sorts to be able to do that.

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    Simpson G
    February 24, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    This is so difficult to read, sorry.

    I assume that BofA was your original note holder, right? Bank of America has no obligation to notify you or get your permission to sell your second mortgage to another bank. It’s called “assignment of mortgage”.

    You need to call BofA first thing tomorrow and make sure that they did indeed sell your mortgage to another company.

    The new mortgage holder is not permitted to change anything on the loan. So, the attempted withdrawl was either a mistake or you received notice of it and discarded it as junk mail.

    So, your plan for tomorrow is to
    1. Call Bank of America and verify that they no longer hold your mortgage
    2. Call the new bank and ask them if they hold your mortgage and why they attempted to withdraw (not withdrawl) funds directly as this was not the payments plan you had set up with BofA.

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