Finally, the firm selling my house – spent seven weeks on the contract date. Is this normal? extreme?

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When I signed the contract, the closure was done within 50 days – a change was to require the signature of all parties concerned. I was never informed that the closure would not proceed as scheduled, much less asked Unterschrift.Die of my buyers have been ready in time. My broker and / or attorney responsible for the delay, as the lawyer does not even apply to the declaration of final payment from my mortgage company at 2 weeks after the date in the contract – was the claim on a home equity loan same subject later. During these seven weeks, I was repeatedly told that the closure would “soon”. It’s more than an inconvenience for me. I work from home and had terminated my internet connection in advance to pass, so I was off work for 7 Wochen.Ich understand that the closure could be delayed for various reasons unforeseen / uncontrollable but lack of information on request payment term is not predictable or controllable. Neither the broker or lawyer must be admitted that there is something unusual about the duration or cause of Verzögerung.Kann this is true, ie know the buyers / sellers regularly for weeks, when the closure occur ?

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    May 18, 2011 at 9:25 am

    That’s far from normal, and your attorney could be held liable for losses incurred during that time if you can prove he didn’t request the paperwork in time, knowing he needed to.

    You won’t get 7 weeks lost pay, but you can hodl them responsible for additional money spent on housing waiting to close- since it was the attorney’s fault.

    But any amount you get wouldn’t make up for what you spend on the court case.

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