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What are the causes and effects of the Great Depression? The global economic crisis has affected the U.S. in many ways and suffered a loss that we never fully recover. There was gap in the history of the United States, which had cost us many lives and jobs. The depression began in late 1929 and lasted about a decade. 1920 and “The Roaring Twenties” has played a major role in causing the Great Depression. The 1920s were a period of peace and prosperity. After the First World War, the “Roaring Twenties” was fueled by increased industrialization and new technologies like radio and automotive industries. Air flight was also widespread, as well. The economy has greatly benefited from new technologies that change our lives. As the stock market has increased, many investors quickly snapped up shares. Stocks were considered very safe by most economists because of the booming 1920s. Investors quickly bought shares on margin. The profit margin is borrowing shares in order to obtain. If a stock falls too much, a margin holder could lose all their money and need their money broker. From 1921 to 1929, scored last. Millionaires were created instantly. Soon stock market trading has been a favorite pastime of American investors bought shares in order to make a quick profit. Investors mortgaged their homes, and foolishly invested their savings in stocks such as hot Ford and RCA. For the average investor stocks were a sure thing. Few people actually studied the fundamentals of the companies they were thousands of scam company set up to encourage investors invested uncultivated. Most investors have never thought of a possible crash. For them, the stock market “always went.” Until 1929, the stock market reached its highest level and investors bought shares in a dozen. Then, suddenly, began lowering prices. All investors want to buy their shares sold buy anyone. This day was a decade of causes of depression verursacht.Die WeltwirtschaftskriseIm 1929, a panic on the NYSE introduced the effect of gout mouth. The stock market was that all the benefits they have collapsed. Several events occurred before 1929 caused this on a long-term geschehen.Während Roaring Twenties were all prosperous and lucrative. The producers tried to sell products there to do as well as possible financial groups, but they could reduce prices so that poor people buy. (Lamb, Annette, 2008). The government came out with the credit process. He worked from a person who purchases a product over time to pay a monthly bill. For example, if someone has a washing machine, wanted to buy the $ 500, but they had only $ 100. They would then pay $ 100 and then pay a certain amount per month was paid to the washing machine. The government pays the buyers more than the product actually costs in stores, so that by the end they wound up paying more than the original price. This process, many Americans in debt. In record time, almost all Americans spent 75% of annual income for consumer goods. (Lamb, Annette, 2008). If the Americans more credit than they could afford were in debt. What has happened to many Americans nations fall in total and cause global problem.The reason for the short-term stock market crash of 1929 was the middle class are in the stock market. middle-income people began to buy stocks on margin, the rise of the United States during the Roaring Twenties was receiving. Back then there was the rising share prices. People paid a small percentage of a stock price as a down payment and borrowed the rest from a stockbroker. (Lamb, Annette, 2008) The system worked well when the stock price has increased. If they fell, but investors do not have money to repay the loan. In September 1929, some investors started to believe that stock prices become too high. He began by selling their shares, believing prices will fall soon. On Tuesday, October 24 became the progressive reduction of the share prices of everything was slippery. A panic. Everyone wanted to sell shares, and nobody wanted to buy. Prices fell to new lows, Tuesday, Oct. 29. sold a record number of 16 million shares. Then what might happen to Americans never thought, interrupted Aktienmarkt.Die WeltwirtschaftskriseDie impact of the global economic crisis not only individuals but the country also affected. International trade and industrial production fell sharply just after the stock market crash of 1929. Wages are falling, unemployment has increased and poverty widespread evidence that something wrong with the economic system. The whole world has felt the effects of this tragedy, but the Americans suffered the most. (Slee, Tom, 2008) What the American people have noticed almost immediately on the dip of the reduction in income. In addition to millions of employees who do not work were thrown completely, millions more were working part time. Even those who held full-time jobs often accept lower wages. affected (Slee, Tom, 2008) In addition to the average wage of the global economic crisis, international trade and manufacturing, which declined rapidly and many people filled with fear. In 1929, the estimated value of U.S. imports and exports has nearly ten billion dollars. (Mandel, William, 2008). Until 1933, the value has fallen by three billion. In addition, U.S. industrial production fell by half. This had a major impact on the U.S. because there was most exports used by the government to account bezahlen.Mit everyone trying to cash in the bank once again have their savings bankrupt. Thousands of banks have been forced, because of this proximity. Contractors have also suffered from depression. With bills and there are debts that they rise no more able to pay workers or buy their products, and were forced to fire many workers. (Mandel, William, 2008). It was difficult to find affordable materials and, finally, many companies had no choice but to schließen.Die dislocation of trade and industry, falling prices and rising unemployment, which forced the State depression and economists to compare the rights of the summer. But experts could not prove what was wrong or what steps would be more effective in restoring the U.S. economy to be agreed. The solution to this problem would come soon. (Mandel, William, 2008). In the 1930s the government has acted to provide weapons, armor and other necessities needed most to Britain under the Lend-Lease. It was a pre-departure to the war to come. In 1939, when America was hit at Pearl Harbor, struck the Second World War. Many Americans registered to go to war to get money and start a new life for families. (Mandel, William, 2008). With all the equipment necessary for the war, the government, people in factories that used to make weapons, ammunition, tanks, planes and other supplies for the war. It was a great opportunity for the unemployed and many took the job as a factory worker. As the unemployment rate has been reduced, so has the U.S. debt. (Mandel, William, 2008). With people getting money and paying bills there, they were everyday items to buy. This cycle is to give more companies and, finally pulled the U.S. economy of the Great Depression.ok good as my social studies on the causes and effects of the Great Depression. It is divided into three parts. The first is to present and explain what led to the Great Depression. the second is, causes, and the third is the effect. I thought you only work well on my grammar and punctuation, and. I too have a conclusion yet, if you can help me. 🙂 Ohh yeah and the name with brackets and years, provided the only source i used. do not ask my teacher made me do …. I did it in one night and I think I deserve to get it processed for all the work I went. and I suck at grammar that I can not change himself.

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