Does this sound as bad as I think it does ? Mortgage modification.?

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Here are the quick facts : 1 the house is worth more than it will sell for because our neighborhood has deteriorated drastically. I will lose money. The house will sell for 20,000 less than the loan should I try that route. 2) the modification is a temporary lower interest rate to 6.8 for only 5 years. Then it shoots to 10.8 % for 23 more years. 3) I am in chapter 13 bankruptcy and cannot qualify for any refinancing through any other companies because my credit score it drastically shot. Im in the 400’s so no one try to identity theft me, your wasting your own time. 3) the mortgage company will lower the rate to (see Number 2) in addition to I pay them 800 dollars up front and then I pay into the loan another 3000 in attorney fees.

I went over the numbers and can’t see how this is all that good as they make it seem. Any opinions?
I know what the 13 is for, and currently I can afford my regular payments and im not behind on neither the 13 or the Mortgage. The 13 was due to medical debts, not from purchasing the house and not being able to afford it. I had no health insurance and ended up with serious medical issues. Thanks for all the comments.

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