Do you think the poor thing behind all this injustice to financial mess?

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SW Washington Mutual down today after 119 years. I know I’ll get heat for this, but I refuse to believe it would be a 119 years of the Bank to enter into a “fashion” that offer high risk loans for people with umbrellas and subprime mortgages. The same thing with Lehman, which was over 158 years suddenly down Nichts.Diese organizations have been affected by inflation, fake digital money, a weak economy, nearly flat trends in consumer spending, established in country that is now over 70% discount on all services and retail gebracht.Auch based on constant whining heart jobs overseas is not a valid reason is sent. All financial institutions in the world nervous now, but in England, Germany, Ireland and France all have a weak manufacturing sector and all have fallen, but for now healthy economies. Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and prepares to change even through all the scandals and subsequent changes in the market in China, the economy, while overtaking the United States is not a utopia, like so many others like to believe werden.Amerikaner really need to stop playing the blame game, because 9 / 11 people in this country just got a Stooper they are put through their arrogance. Presidents and governments towards the left and right, and has been since the beginning of time, it is not a situation where it is being ignored and you think all the blame on you, below you. Yes, people bought what they bought, but nobody should be naive enough to believe it, the economy of a superpower, it must be removed like that, it makes no sense.

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    Scorpian S
    May 4, 2011 at 2:49 am

    I few years ago when I was reading about the Great Depression -via The FDR Scandal- the common peoples spending was blamed for the Depression too,
    it seems to be the first ploy used by scoundrels.
    Some of these foreclosed homes were bought by people who lost their jobs after the fact and some of these homes were bought by house flippers and Countrywide had reported that many homes foreclosures were not from lower income people, but rather by upper middle class home buyers that had gotten ARM loans and when the interest rate went up they had to throw in a LEG too and when utilities went up and everything else went up because of inflation and they faced losing a second LEG and having nothing more to stand on, went into Foreclosure.

    When it comes down to it, it was greed from the top that caused all this and now all of us are getting a clear picture how politicians make money off the backs of the people and the banking cartel runs the biggest scam in the world.

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