Do you know that? I think all Americans should read this?

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God gave the land of Israel to Israel’s terms. If the Jews wholeheartedly love God and keep His commandments, they keep their land. If they did the opposite, as many and have done many times in their history, they are persecuted and dispersed around the world and can not be peace after the Old Testament. Needless to say that Jews were cursed by God, especially after they rejected and killed Jesus Christ. Jews should not be proud to be the chosen people of God, to love with their humble and contrite heart and soul instead of their lips and wicked pride. JEWS So basically lost their land because they lack the conditions hat.Juden God has caused much more harm than good to the United States has signed and the United States an enemy of the Arabs. Regarding security, Israel is a huge responsibility for the U.S. and the Arab-American and hate the United States lived in constant fear of terrorism. From a financial standpoint, they control our U.S. financial system and caused us great pain financial. Example is Bernard Madoff, the Jew, and used investors’ money themselves and their families pocket, caused a loss estimated at $ 50 billion to investors in all Welt.Eine flaw we have is the existence of the Federal Reserve Bank or “the EDF. The Federal Reserve is not federal and it uses the term Federal Reserve thinking to confuse people is part of the U.S. federal government. It really is a cartel and a group of Giga-size banks around the world. It maintains the source of the money. A large number of “Jews” control the Federal Reserve and the media. He borrowed and pushed the housing market after Sept. 11 home loan in 2001 loosened the requirements for people without credit. It led to a U.S. housing bubble in late 2007. It packages the mortgage-backed securities in the amount of the housing market and sold around the world billions of dollars in profits. Sun Federal Reserve to create money from nothing, moreover, nothing lost. Why has it taken this fraud? It is essentially an opposition to communism the way of man to control. Communism controlled by hungry people and giving them no freedom. EDF is a very sophisticated form of capitalism, which controls the government of the United States and its citizens by providing them deeply into debt or bankruptcy, so they do not financially independent. everyone must work there with their 401K to 201K average circulation of their normal retirement age and well-70 in their first years. Goldman Sachs is part of the Federal Reserve.FED see all that you adopted in your bank or your balance sheet, but the U.S. Congress CAN NOT FED review by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 that allows 12 banks, the currency of the United or printing banknotes of the United States to monopolize. EDF never shows its balance sheet to the American people, and can print billions of dollars of paper money from heaven to save their banks Giga as Citi, Bank of America, Chase, etc, and has given billions and billions of dollars in the back door to Israel so he has a very large nuclear reactor which is what a nuclear arms race in the suppression of the Middle East ist.Eine Federal Reserve or the overthrow of the Federal Reserve Act is the way more effective in the United States enormous debt to this agreement / beseitigen.Präsident Mafia Kennedy wanted to reverse this law and to resume the U.S. dollar to the American people by signing Executive Order 11110 of the power of the band mainly the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to lend money to the federal government U.S. interests. Therefore, he was assassinated. Jews control our U.S. financial system. When President Kennedy that decree provides for the reduction of foreign exchange law of the United States, he was murdered. And the will of the decree is still there, no progress. As the majority of the EDF is a Jew, he was almost killed by the EDF or Jews.

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    May 2, 2011 at 1:53 am

    Israel belongs to the Jews and it’s our responsibility to keep it this way.

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    May 2, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Um, I think you’re just a tad racist and cynical in your accusations. You can’t just stereotype the entire Jewish population based on what a couple individuals did. I’m pretty sure there’s hundreds of criminals who are Christian, but that doesn’t mean all Christians are like that.

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    May 2, 2011 at 3:31 am

    There is nothing factual within your rant. Keep wallowing in your ignorance and conspiracy theories while the rest of us enjoy our lives.

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    May 2, 2011 at 4:26 am

    I don’t see what you’re getting at.

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