Do you have any suggestions about my financial situation? Please serious answers only?

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Last April, my husband was laid off. He began to drink even more arguments and began to literally nothing. I put his resume on, and he got a decent job as him. Its consumption has continued, however, and as far as I know, he would try harder to make me start to rage during a fight. After he started his new job, he just decided to cut me off financially – no warning. I did not pay in the summer so that he also knew that it was the best time to do me harm. In August, he told me to file for divorce. I suggested a separation, but he insisted, divorce and was so violent, I put the papers. He had terrible credit, primarily because of identity theft that I need to clarify worked for years, then all credit cards and loans in my name alone. I tried to follow the payments that I have for some months, but it was impossible, because my income was much less today than it was. I called my credit card company before seeing if my payments in arrears have been reduced, but was told that if I offend you, I will come for each waren.Ich program called Credit Solutions, which until Finally a big mistake and cost me $ 3600 that would have been to my bills. I direct payment arrangements with several creditors, but the payments were roughly the same as the moose and the repayment of a loan finished even higher, because they wanted to reduce to reduce the interest rate and duration of Darlehens.Ich do not know what to do. I am not able to meet my monthly expenses on my salary alone. After I pay the mortgage, HOA fees, insurance, utilities, etc., my check is gone. I have nothing to ask the rest of the creditors verlassen.Meine months, and I speak with them about payment arrangements, but their offers are not something that can do what I do. They keep calling non-stop, even if I already talked to them. I consulted another service even credit counseling recommened by a creditor, but the payment would unmöglich.Ich absolutely can not afford to bring any action against me and garnish my wages. My house is worth $ 40,000 less than what I had perfect credit bin.Ich guilty until last fall, when I just could not cope with things on my eigene.Ich feel bad for my daughter. I can not pay for music lessons, the kind of clothes she wore, or have had their place, as I used to be. I receive no child support because my husband was his stepfather. I am desperate. I have no idea what to do. Even if I log on Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the payment will not be affordable, which was screened during an initial consultation. I worked extra work so that about $ 500 extra per month, and was third Temporary Job. My second job will end in April. During the holidays, I could not even get a job at Macy’s, because I do not meet the needs of specific activities they had, even with a masters degree. I look and look for additional work. I have everything I can on ebay and Amazon sells. If you have any suggestions, please contact you. I’d be very happy. I live in California.

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