Do you agree with the Main Street need a bailout?

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If Greedy Wall Street, the creators of our current economic mess is the government bailout plan, it only makes sense for the Main Street / middle class taxpayers who will pay $ 700 000 000 000 also get a kind of rescue operation. After all, greedy Wall Street has made millions in every bad mortgage securities, CDOs, derivatives, credit swaps, etc. So if they are registered or not, there is still a win-win situation for breast . Auf page of the working class East have lost half their savings, 401k, to extend their retirement, have to make outdoor activities to cover their health care and schooling for their children … that makes absolutely no sense to work for the rescue operation and have a direct impact on the financial system, I suggest 1/4th of U.S. dollars 700 billion on the main road in these forms if: a) another round of rebate check to ensure that people will buy gifts for their families increase during the holiday season for retailers, b) two months rent-free payment mortgage loans and as good citizens who have worked hard with their mortgage payments have not failed to be rewarded and the end, it is the same company, try the mortgage bailout will help reduce the number of payment default c) tax credit for everyone, so families some of their 401k savings they lost in the stock market d) encourage one year of teaching back to zero percent loan repayment for people college and colleges of dead-locked jobs in other professions, they can raise the level of the upper middle class and help them compete globally, and hunt for good jobs in China continued, India and in Europe, e) relief for people who live in states that pay the wages “road tax, car loans or zero-percent rebate checks to people for their car insurance next to bezahlen.f) Since outrageous CEO salaries are reduced, it is just that he used the surplus to increase benefits for employees who work hard to 7% -10% annually for inflation. In 3% -5% annual growth is ridiculous, especially when few people on the basis of the policy management office while millions of bonuses, free jet flights, re-reimbursement for travel and luxury lunch here gegeben.Auch Main Street a break, even if the rescue of 700 U.S. dollars on Wall Street, where they will be more waste and buy more jets business, large villas in Iceland Cayman, Bahamas, Hawaii, Bermuda and islands of the purchase in Dubai and the Carri bean. On the contrary, if the money is given on the main road, the money will “immediately, directly to our financial system to revive the economy, because it can be used locally for accounts that pass on gas and shopping Christmas. Please petition your local government representatives Sun, Main Street, innocent people will be saved “an emergency are looking for sponsors for the Graduate! e-mail if you’re rich and can contribute to our great country strong, America belongs to us all.

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