Do realtors have access to help me buy any home or are certain homes assigned to a certain realtors?

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sry its confusing, but im in the market to buy my first home on a tight budget and my realtor is sending me emails of homes I don’t like. When I look for myself online I find homes I really interested in but have numbers to other realtors so do I have to change realtors for this home or does my original realtor still help me?

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    Justin P
    July 21, 2011 at 4:01 am

    That depends on where you are. Assuming you are in North America, where the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) shows properties submitted by all the real estate board or association members, then you can generally have your realtor help you with any property.

    Some countries, such as the UK are different, and there are some properties that never end up on the MLS, even in North America, because they get bought (using inside information) before the real estate agent even lists them.

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