Do outside sales/inside sales jobs prefer no experience or is there a trick that I dont get?

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I’ve been applying to inside outside sales jobs(account executive and manager) and doing pretty good in the interviews but getting very few offers. Keep in mind these are entry level positions requiring 1-3 years of experience. I’m a recent grad from college and have had much more part time experience than any of my friends while in school. These jobs came with much greater responsibilities as well. So basically I dont know if theres somthin on the resume that scares them away or what it is that makes these deals fall through. Most of my friends were able to land these jobs that require 1-5 years of experience with pretty much 0 expererience or at best it would be very unrelated to the job. Keep in mind most didn;t have an IN or a contact in there that would place them in the company. Any idea what im doing wrong or whats wrong on my resume? I do good on interviews and the main concern for hiring managers is that I have no B2B sales experience it seems. Only the first company is my first real full time job.

company 1, A January – March 2009
Business Development Associate
• Analyzed all physicians within market for referral patterns and potential marketing plans. Concentration placed on Neurosurgeon, Orthopedic and Chiropractic physicians
• Generated new business by cold calling physician offices and effectively presenting, marketing and advertising our service
• Cooperate with other divisions and business units to ensure that our marketing strategy and measures are aligned with overall corporate strategies

Company 2 January – July 2008
Sales Intern Program
• Building and maintaining nationwide database of over 500 prospective clients
• Calling commercial real estate buyers throughout the U.S. to introduce transactions, drive bids and assist in driving the market-making process
• Assisting Directors with the hands-on execution of transactions in various phases
• Creating sales proposals and market evaluations using necessary documents from third parties

Company 3 2005 – 2008
• Directly responsible for management and operation of a high quality 24- hour care center for elderly and disabled residents
• Analyzed existing business practices and developed new business model to maximize high quality of service
• Worked closely with the Department of Social and Health Services to meet the WAC regulations

company 4 2004 – 2005
Agent/Marketing Specialist
• Marketed listings throughout Seattle and held open houses to aggressively grow area sales
• Prepared contracts and documentation; advised clients on general escrow and title procedures
• Designed and updated marketing materials. Performed competitive product evaluations

company 5 2003 – 2004
• Responsible for the marketing and managing of a $ 10 million portfolio consisting of over 18 commercial and residential real estate assets in the Puget Sound area

company 6 2002 – 2003
Junior Loan Officer
• Assisted Customers in determining financial needs and recommended appropriate mortgage solutions
• Embraced cold calling as means to build business and generate new leads

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    January 23, 2011 at 2:53 am

    If you are getting interviews it is probably not your resume. Though I have to tell you that your resume is all over the place and you do not quantify your accomplishments as much as list your duties.

    So, my assumption is that you are doing something in the interview that blows it.

    Maybe it is the answer to your 5/10 year plan you are telling the interviewer “my plans are not to be here”.

    Or, you just are not coming across as a solid sales personality type.

    Or, you are not asking enough relative questions.

    Or, one of a million ways applicants shoot themselves in the foot without knowing it.

    Truly, hard to tell.

    But if you are getting interviews, I would look at either your interview skills or your references.

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