Current Apt Mangt Lied About My Rental History?

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I am a texas resident and I live in Apt#1 and recently applied for Apt#2. Well, I discovered that Apt#1 faxed over my renters’ history to #2. Apt#1 purposely selected that I have been late on my rent once. It is a lie. Due to the leasing agent at apt#2 being so business wise, she noticed that it didn’t match with my application info such as income, length of employment, and most of all it didn’t match the credit report. It’s like Mike Tyson saying he lost all of his boxing matches. I am a mortgage/loan officer and I acknowledge the fact that they violated not only 1 law but maybe 3 laws. The agent at apt#2 contacted apt#1 and asked them how this was so. Apt#1 stated that she thinks we did(keep in mind she’s been on my current property for about 4 months now). The agent at Apt#1 apologized to Apt#2 for the error and said that she “thought I was late before”. Keep in mind she’s been her for 4-5 months and my 1 yr lease is just ending this month. How can I take legal action such as reporting them to a couple of different state and/or national agencies. I know a simple letter will help to corporate as well but I would like to report them to an agency/agencies regarding the acts of FCA and/or FHA. See where I am going with this??? It was just wrong. Apt#1 and Apt#2 are actual competitors….in which I discovered from apt#2 while applying for them.

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    good guy
    May 18, 2011 at 1:16 am

    have you now rented apt #2? If so, the courts would likely say “no harm, no foul”. Only if you were denied renting #2 would you have a case for damages. Keep in mind, i am not an attorney, i’m simply applying a common court thinking process.

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