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I check my credit report when I can and I have a few questions. Last time I checked, none of my accounts had a last date of payment on them and many had double or triple entries due to collection agencies buying the account. I disputed everything online (15 entries) and got my credit report again today (about 30 days later) and now I only have 5 entries–three have last date of payments and two do not. Midland Credit Management (which I have always fought over debt validation) has nothing noted except for a notation saying “consumer disputes the information”. What the heck. I know the company has 30 days to verify the debt but what does that mean?

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    June 26, 2011 at 10:27 am

    It means that Midland is doing what they need to do legally but still covering their butts! I went through this myself with them and it’s a good reason I hired Lexington law.

    Go to my website and read it all! I had to dispute several items and when they pulled this garbage on me, i sicked Lexington on them and got it totally removed!

    My score is now up from a lousy 486 to a real good 729 in a little over a year!

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    Carlos Cruz
    June 26, 2011 at 10:36 am

    Submit a letter to the Credit Reporting Agency and request validation of debt. You must notate the reason for your dispute and it must be reasonable.

    If after 45 days, the Credit Reporting Agency does not respond and they do not receive proof of debt from the creditor, submit a new letter to the Credit Reporting Agency requesting that they have not provided the information that you have requested and you are now wanting to have the negative mark deleted.

    Submit letters Certified Mail and maintain good records of all correspondence.

    God Bless

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