Confused about what my purpose is, how do I resolved this?

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I’m 25 and had my life and career mapped out, nursing by the age of 27, own place, maybe a husband and of my lovely daughter in a top school. Ok but my life took a turn, I failed my nursin program by 2 points, and I still got debt smh. So now I plan on taking a semester off to demolish this debt, by January I should he back in school. The problem is, my motivation for everything has either disappeared or died. I know failing that nursing program has me questioning my purpose and even makin me have self doubt. I know I want to look into dentistry but what deprives me, is what it requires to become a dentist. I do have it in me but I think I’m a lil weak mined, meaning I let people opinions get the best of me. I work around nothing by nurses, so of course they will only tell me to go for nursing, which they always do. I don’t mind it, but I believe that’s not for me, not for the next 40 plus years anyway. I’m thinking long term when it comes to dentistry. I can own my own business, I can make my own hours, I don’t have to answer to no one but the client, not the doctor, nurse manager, supervisor, or whomever else. The last thing on my mind is money, because I rather enjoy my job more than anything but both pay is excellent, especially a dentist. I have distraction, my home, my shift at work ( nights full time), men ( I like but then it’s always something), and my Childs father. I know moving will allow me to clear my head, I been in this same place for 25 years, I been with a man for three years off n on and not it’s officially off, I need change I tell ya and maybe that will lead me to a new path… Ugh

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    November 10, 2011 at 4:56 am

    You say your path has been mapped out, my girl we all have choices and consequences. If I were in your position I would re-do the nursing exam or studies whatever is required and once that has been passed, and I had an income I would move onto studying dentistry in the evenings or online. This way you have actually completed a course and are now qualified, but to throw everything away that you have studied because of 2 points seems silly to me, you will always have something to fall back on. What will happen if you study dentistry and do not pass will you then move onto something else, and from what I know when you have a degree in nursing it takes a few years away on the dentistry, find out about it. Stick it out.

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    B B
    November 10, 2011 at 5:45 am

    Honestly, nurses have so many other options: Home Health, Insurance companies always need qualified nurses to review claims based on Medical Necessity. You can start your own In Home-Care agency, they are in such high demand everywhere you go, you have the option to work in clinics, Dr.s offices, Nursing Registries, any hospital in the Country and abroad .With signing bonuses and Per Diem pay?? You’ll kill that debt in no time. Find a specialty you enjoy in nursing, and if you like school, later find another specialty to expand your worth 🙂 Whereas……..
    Dentistry will take more time to complete (w/debt pending) schooling, an office location without a lot of competition, go deeper in debt to finance office equipment and machines of the trade, then time to build a profitable client base. (And its not like Dentist are ranked high on the “Professional Most People Love to see’s list!” Plus same thing e v e r y day! Go back and pass that nursing test!
    A change of scenery can spark restoration of the spirit. Sometimes moving can revive you. And as a nurse you can change your scenery as often as you wish! As long as your daughter sees you happy, she’ll be happy. And children adjust better than we think!
    After 3 years IM SURE you know by now if this guy plans to go the distance or not, Drop the extra weight if he’s not. Off and on sounds like he’s just passing the time and your convenient for now . And you could be missing the one meant for you. Life and accomplishments are meaningless without someone to enjoy, appreciate, and most of all “Share it with!”

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