Commercial Mortgage calculation method?

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My bank wants to use the 360/365 method to calculate mortgage rates: rate = 360 × ÷ loan balance from day to day, but some of my research ( / M-360-dayinterestcalc.pdf) shows that the method of 360/365, while widely used for business loans, is not for mortgages. Instead, use the method stated commercial mortgage 360/post which has more complicated, the borrower both principle and interest over the life of the 360/365 method Hypothek.Meine Bank is no use their Methode.Wird that it is accepted practice for commercial banks, mortgage calculation to use? Is there anyone knows what can enlighten us?

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    May 15, 2011 at 12:51 am

    I have two commercial loans. Both are on apartment buildings which may disqualify my answer for being on point, but….

    If you find a portfolio lender (a lender who writes notes they will own and service) your terms will be much more negotiable.

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