Can someone translate these phrases / words in Chinese?

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No online translator please. But if you know how to write one of those Chinese or Pin Yin, thank you in advance: help insurance loan debt consolidation debt consolidation loan mortgage self VersicherungMutual home owner’s funds in the rental assistance with rental apartment commercial customer contact phone survey calls for service in English with no brokerage fees buying a home notaries “Most services for business and personal use ‘interpreters interpretation services to the bank, bilingual in Mandarin and English marketing support and publicity to fill out forms and reading materials in English

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    January 29, 2011 at 11:41 am

    buying a house- mai (3rd tone) fang(second tone) zhi (4th tone)

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    Elena S
    January 29, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Debt consolidation loan = 债务合并贷款

    Debt consolidation = 债务合并

    loan = 贷款

    Mortgage = 抵押

    Car Insurance = 车保险

    Mutual Funds = 共有基金

    Home Owner’s insurance = 房主的保险

    Help with renting an apartment = 帮助租单元住宅

    Help with renting a business space = 帮助租写字楼

    Contacting customer service and making inquiries = 联系客户服务,叩问

    Making phone calls in English = 说英语打电话

    No Broker fees = 没有经纪费

    Buying a house = 买房子

    Notary services = 公证服务

    “Most services are available for business and personal use” = “多数服务是可利用的为商业与私人使用”

    Interpreting services = 翻释服务

    Interpreting at the bank = 在银行解释

    Bilingual in Mandarin and English = 能说两种语言(中英)

    Marketing = 销售

    Advertising = 广告业

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