Can I sue a phone company for a bad credit?

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I moved to Puerto Rico from the United States in January 2006. I had a Verizon phone account in Puerto Rico. I opened a new one here in the U.S. with the same company, and I closed the old (PR). I have not been punished because of Verizon. I got my last bill I paid in full before the day. My balance was zero. Weeks, I applied for a credit card and was rejected. I was shocked because in my 14 years, I have a credit history have always paid my bills the same day I receive them. This means weeks in advance! I need my credit report immediately and to my surprise, I had a negative balance! Yes! Verizon Puerto Rico! They never closed the account, as it should. Send a negative report from 2006-today! I tried to contact them repeatedly without response. Because I have no active phone number (of course if you want the account is closed!), I can not go ahead and talk to a human being! It’s the same e-mail. I sent my copy of all documents to the credit agency to see how they can help me. I stress all the time, and I can not sleep. I intend to buy a new house when I get my raise next. If a credit card was declined simple, can you imaging what’s wrong with a loan application? I feel betrayed by this company. It is not acceptable! : (

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    Julianna G (Duck with a gun)
    May 17, 2011 at 5:32 am

    Unfortunately, because they’re in Puerto Rico they might not be bound by the same laws as the US parent company. Have you tried calling Verizon here in the states and asking them to help you resolve the problem? I’m of course assuming Verizon is Verizon whether in Puerto Rico or the US, but you might be able to write to the president of the company, explain the situation, and ask for his assistance, since you’re getting the runaround from the company in PR. You have proof of when you opened your new account in the US, and that you were paid current on your old one when you moved, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Also, you could try continuing to try to ask for customer service when they ask for your number when you get the automated line. Eventually they should patch you through to a customer service agent, where you can explain the situation. I’ve done this with other companies where accounts have shown up on my credit report when I had never had an account with them. I was eventually able to force my way out of the system and to a live person, who helped me resolve the issue.
    You should also be able to receive a free copy of your credit report, which should have contact information for Verizon on it. You may be able to send it directly to them. Make sure everything you do, you follow up in writing and send certified mail. This will protect you in the event they later reneg on their agreements.

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