Can I send my refianance mortagae chaptyer my 13?

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I was in Chapter 13 about 5 years now, and finally be about 3 weeks. I am a VA loan. I’m eager to try to lower my mortgage payments, if possible, because I now have to start repaying student loans. I know my credit score is bad enough, although I have not missed a payment system operator or a car payment because my chapter is 13.Kas it difficult to refinance my mortgage after my Chapter 13 is completed. Can I streamline refinance home loan va? I went to my house 7 years now.Any ideas?

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    Beverly S
    February 19, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    What I would suggest is a VA IRRL (Interest rate reduction loan)- which is basically a streamline. Technically you can refi after the bankruptcy with VA but lenders may have their own criteria. Check with your existing mortgage lender first- you have a great history with them. Good luck! Rates are fantastic right now & you should qualify for a good rate as long as you haven’t ended up with any new bad credit or missed payments to the trustee or the mortgage.

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