Can I rent my house while trying to short sales?

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We have a house that we tried to short sales the last two months. So far we have not any offers. In October we will move to another house and do not want to leave our current home empty while the mortgage payment two. Is it possible to rent our current home and sell it at the same time?

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    February 28, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    But difficult to find tenants who will actively cooperate with any showings, who will keep place neat and clean, and not get irritated.
    Suggest you work out some compensation for renters for cooperation in showings. And maybe give them a bonus if it sells, after they move out. Their lease is valid and binding, even if you sell property, whether it is month to month or 6 months or year lease.
    Houses need to look clean and neat and good and smell good to sell. And it’s very annoying as a tenant to have calls to show your personal, private space with little notice. INSIST realtor give 24hours notice to tenants–minimum.

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