Can I rent my home account as my primary residence for refinancing?

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We currently have a house in Washington. We are military and so we had to move to another state. Rents in the region are less than my mortgage, I pay an additional $ 500/month to cover the mortgage. My interest rate is 6.5%, to 80, 20 and 10.69% (80/20 loan). My husband is in Afghanistan to use in 7 months, and I intend to go back in our homeland. Would we now be able to refinance with the intention of the size, or any other company, nor does it count as a rental house? (We rent where we live today). Are there exceptions to condominiums real estate for military personnel stationed abroad? We tried to change the conversation with Countrywide and they said no. Thank you for any advice. We really need our mortgage.

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    May 3, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    You cannot refinance as a primary residence until you actually move back there to MAKE it your primary residence. There are no known exceptions for military. If you do not live there, it is simply NOT your primary home. Don’t try to lie about it either. When you give your current address and it’s not the same as the house you occupy, they will figure it out in a flash.

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