Can I get a mortgage, which can also run all my other loans in him? If yes, where? How?

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Hello alle.Ich’m 30 and I’ll buy a house of my own job Suche.Mein is not perfect. I make $ 300 per week. I saved a little over 1000 (if necessary I can borrow any more necessary for the down payment or closing … my credit card is just below average. I had problems there 2 years ago, but are doing well in the last 2 years (no bankruptcy or failure, any disorder fall to rot my credit card be due to late payments) I’m not looking for any complicated matter. Maybe a foreclosure or a fixer upper is that I have a problem irgendwo.Mein last summer new car purchased., I left a personal loan. about $ 14,000 for the car and $ 7,000 Kredit.Ich to know it’s a long shot, and I’m not sure that’s possible then I’ll ask here. Can I get a mortgage anywhere, there was a place with the equipment my debt to others in the mortgage? say that I found a house valued at 50k to 20k sold? someone would not give me a mortgage for 42k under such circumstances? I are looking something more than 60k. at best and in my region there are dozens of houses ranges from 10-20k. all their value, and so I’m still looking, but that’s another matter in hand. If I do not can see a house I can not find a home. The first step is to make sure that if I find a house, I’ll be able to get home so I suchen.Doing not lose time or money, even at 7% interest computer (very high, I know) with a 50k mortgage, my payments be almost half what I pay now, and not even consider my current rent! It’s something I need, more than anyone can imagine. So there is a way or a place or a person or company who work with me Thank you all and all answers:) .

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    May 17, 2011 at 7:45 am

    not happening as all mortgages are based only on the purchase price. You must meet the debt to income limits as well as credit and employment checks as well

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    May 17, 2011 at 8:10 am

    No, you cannot do this your way.

    The only way this could happen is if you bought, then either refinanced to take out the equity, or obtained a HELOC.

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