Can I get a $ 230,000 mortgage? What do I have?

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Ok to break: I was in the army and have never used my VA guaranteed home loan for a chance on me. My net salary is $ 2 63.600.Ma own homes. The second is a lease I am 18 years old live in one I let myself go, my parents (they just pay mortgage) and I must go to one of nearly 12 elameMa I’ll pay $ 1,581 per month (which includes an additional $ 100 capital of the month) is 15 is a note. 165000 & I bought a home equity is around 40g, it is an FHA laenu.Tahaksin to sell your house and buy another one in my hood, which ranges from $ 260,000 just wanted to put my old shares and 30g there is an additional 10g as the backup is never home pangas.Ma Any payment from the end. I have a couple of DC accounts were 30 days in arrears (a little forgotten, but he had money), my total debt is out of my mortgage is 3600 (my car is paid for) the debt ratio seems wrong, because it seems that I ‘m a single paying agency on 2 houses. My credit is about 640.Maja Im renting a mortgage (mortgage is private) and $ 55,000 in equity and 25G üks.Samuti I do not know if it helps or if I could hope for, but I’m also using the GI Bill, a new one, which would give me $ 1200 per month in housing ( I have 18 months left for this) mortgage would be about $ 1870 a note 30 years, and is all inclusive (tax insurance, PMI) DOBT Not that I can afford it (even w / o IM Bill money), but can someone give me a loan is a real question? “Does anyone? I looked on other issues and I do not think I left some holes, so hopefully I can get an answer! thank you.

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    Arbor Mortgage
    February 11, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    You should be able to qualify as long as you sell your current home first. If you can show that your parents are making the payments to the other home (cancelled checks or bank statements from them), then you can get that removed from the debt ratio.

    I’m assuming that the 3600 is the total debt and the monthly payments, right? As long as your other debt payments don’t exceed $ 1000 per month, you should be fine.

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