Can anyone recommend online or “retail” mortgage brokers that will get the most offers w/least credit queries?

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Brokers are the most preferable to get home loans, correct ?Especially if I’m challenged on credit scores, but not LTV% or DTI. Am a first time home buyer and perplexed by what the market offers.

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    Anthony Spears
    April 30, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    From my personal experience, I recommend everybody steer clear of mortgage brokers, who don’t necessarily have your best interest in mind. They will say anything to get their cut, and what they say can be total B.S., and once you sign that dotted line, you could be up the creek without a paddle. At least make sure you have a good lawyer to read over the terms of your loan before you sign anything. It may seem cut and dry, but you never know.

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