Can anyone give me a real phone # USA Mortgage Protection Services, said in FL?

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I read reviews here and decided $ 24.95 deducted from my account on the background check. “Brandon Cooper (who advertise on Craigslist, hiring a manager) did not answer my phone calls or emails. Maybe people who have commented positively on this site have been a part of its disappointment. If the employee actually worked for them, why stop it? Why does not the company in all directories? They are recorded, but no one can be saved LLC FL and fraud, told me. I would gave a background check on your money, because it is dishonest loan officers, and some very convincing conference call, they promise to refund your first check. He could certainly use the lack of integrity in the industry! “Brandon Cooper” ran the ad in the Atlanta area. I wish I could answer the original question that was posed on the site. Please do not let these crooks to defraud you of money, I’ll contact the authorities as well.
My husband and I married in January. I’m 22 years old, she was 25 I had my first credit card at age 18, my husband is 22 … So we have a credit history. My husband earns about $ 37 000 per year before taxes and I am a student. We live in a house right now that we have (no privileges or something), which was given to us, and it is worth about $ 100,000. We wanted to buy your house and rent the house we now live, we each paid our credit line of 15 million details … It is – 636, 665, 640 … My own – 616, 636, 627th Then we applied for a mortgage at the local “financial services”, place (not the bank) for a home loan and $ 80,000 was rejected. “Insurer” told me it was because of my credit score was only 602nd husband I told him what was wrong, because we just looked at our results and reports. He said they are looking at different types of reports that we receive from the “personal search”. Is this true? AND – she told me that I had no credit at all appear on my social security number. Well, I’ve had three credit cards (I just used one of them today), car loan, and all our bills on my behalf. I know I have credit! Is it just me, or something wrong here?! and we paid we got reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion score, the three

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    January 21, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    Yes, Marie, this is a big time SCAM, And I am sure also that those positive answers were posted by someone in that scam. I talked to this “Brandon Cooper” 3 weeks ago and as you say he can explain everything “so well” and I checked out the website too. I had some doubts but it sounded good and the website looked real so I decided to pay the $ 50.00 for the background check (ya, it said $ 50 not $ 24.95) This was on June 8, Brandon told me it takes one week to do the background check and that the training will start in 3 weeks–which suppose to be today. I never heard from him since,when I tried to talk to him he just e-mailed that I have to be patient. So,last week, when things started to feel very “fishy” I drove in person to 3 of the addresses listed where they are hiring in my city,and there are no offices there with their name,nobody heard of them. Then I knew. I also checked at that lists all the corporations in FL,and it does list US Mortgage Portective Services,but the name,address and phone# are FAKE. So this is when I wrote to Mr. Cooper that I want my money back and first he did not reply,but then I said I will go to the police and today through PayPal I got my $ 50 back, This is not just about the money,because we gave them a lot of confidential information too. I will still contact the authoritites,and hopefully other people will read this and will not fall for this. It is too bad that there are people who do things like that.

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    Mystery Girl
    January 21, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Well, I am embarassed to say that I fell for this scam and have yet to get the fee for the backround check back. I have tried and tried to find a number for them other than the one for Brandon Cooper. I have already started the process for reporting them to the authorities.

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    January 21, 2011 at 6:21 pm

    Lots of mortgage lenders use their own system to calculate a score similar to a credit score. I would ask him to verify your social security number and ask what types of items they consider in their score (just in case there’s some strange rule that doesn’t include your previous credit accounts). Other things that can impact your approval for a loan are the downpayment and the current amount of debt you each have. I would try a bank or credit union within the next week so the multiple inquiries will only show up as one on your credit report.

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    January 21, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    Your credit scores are fair. Had you a score of 750 you would have been approved.

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    January 21, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Where did you get your credit scores from?

    Just asking as you can’t purchase your Experian score anymore … Only Equifax and Trans Union, and the best place to get those is from ..

    It is possible the lender used their scoring model to calculate your scores, and his medial score could be 602 under their criteria … One thing that works against you,, no past mortgage .. And the low 600’s are low credit scores,

    Other reasons,, you appear on paper to have high DTI … 37-thousand doesn’t go far these days … Annd while you may rent out your existing place for enough to cover the new mortgage,, Lenders wont accept that as income unless you can prove you’ve received steady income from the rental property, usually that means two years worth of reported rental income and you’d need to report that on your tax returns for them to accept it as adjusted gross income ..

    Good luck


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    January 21, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    The credit scores aren’t the best. In the present tight credit market, you’re considered a higher than normal risk, even with the scores you got, which are higher than what the broker came up with.

    Because of this, lenders aren’t as lenient with borderline debt-to-income ratios, which have also been tightened.

    I sold real estate from 1985 to 1996. Interest rates during that period were as high as 13% and as low as 9%. You couldn’t buy as much house, and as a result, values were lower, so houses were still affordable for many. The debt to income ratios were 28% of monthly income for the total house payment or PITI (principal, interest, taxes, insurance) and 36% of total debt.

    At 37K annually, or 3100 per month, you would be allowed a house payment of $ 775 and total debt of $ 1025. More other kinds of debt reduces what you can use toward the mortgage. Throw in a credit history with scores toward the low end and those debt limits are lowered to 25/33.

    The crazy years of relaxed standards or no standards at all are what got us in this mess, and they are over. I don’t know what the DTI standards are today, but they are tight again. This is probably closer to the truth as to why you were denied, but it’s a lot easier to say ‘bad score’ than to explain the system.

    Maybe you feel that you can afford a house payment of $ 775, and an 80K loan at 5% for 30 years for someone with fair credit would be around $ 430 a month before taxes and insurance. But, what is your other debt?

    You say you are a student. Do you have student loans? Does your husband? Do you have car payments, credit card debt? All of that, per month, comes off of that $ 1025. Additionally, with no history (yet) of income on the house you want to keep, a lender will look at that house as a debt in the form of property taxes and upkeep.

    It could look something like this:

    1 student loan $ 100 per month
    1 car loan $ 200
    Credit cards $ 100
    Taxes on existing house $ 150
    Upkeep on ” ” $ 50

    That’s $ 600 a month, and those are conservative guesses. If that’s around where you are, your $ 1025 a month total debt is down to $ 425, and no lender anywhere is going to give you an 80K mortgage loan with scores in the low 600s.

    Sorry, but things are going to be hard for a while until they start to get better. It goes in cycles.

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