Can an apartment complex charge you for a credit (paid too much rent) towards your apartment six months after?

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My boyfriend and I were going to move into a two bedroom apartment with someone else from work. Well, long story short, we had a falling out, and my boyfriend and I moved into a studio instead in the same apartment complex. The other guy didn’t move in at all. The apartment lady said that she could not return the money that the other guy put towards the place because they were “deposits”. So she put the money toward our apartment without notifying us or getting our consent. We told her we didn’t want the money, and she needed to return it to the other guy. But she said it “was too late” and it was “nonrefundable” and that we should consider it “a credit to our apartment account”

We moved out a couple months later, with a paper that said that we owed them $ 65.00 for the stove cleaning.

So the other guy sues the complex for the money. They tell us we don’t need to be involved. About the time that they had the court date, the apartment lady says that if they lose, we have to pay them the money that they lose.

They ended up losing, and a couple weeks later we got a copy of the paper that we signed at move out, only they added in $ 800 dollars in this little corner of the paper. They basically doctored the paper that we signed.

Can they do this? Can they charge us just because they lost to someone?
Thanks you guys who have answered!

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    November 10, 2011 at 4:32 pm

    No, they can’t charge you $ 800. Refuse to pay, and if it becomes an issue, seek legal advice or take them to court.

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    November 10, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    I agree with Skyblue. And particularly if you have a lease from your studio you rented which has nothing to do with the other guy’s name, there’s no paper linking you to him.

    No they can not charge you for that. Don’t pay. If they try to pursue you, make sure to show up in court with your lease and any other paperwork. You will win. I doubt they will sue you because they know they’re wrong. They’re just hoping you’ll pay.

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