Buying a home with No Credit?

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Alright so, here’s the situation. I want to buy a foreclosed house with my boyfriend. It’s a MAJOR investment, perfect right now. The mortgage would be about 250 a month, nothing compared to what we’d spend in rent. Anyway, neither of us has credit, but he has a good job. I don’t have a job (yet, been out of work for like 7 months) but that doesn’t matter because I have a guaranteed income of about 13,000 a year. Plus what I’ll be making once school finds me a job. Anywayyy, this all sounds stupid, but I know for a fact I could afford my bills (I budgeted for double that in rent) and I know he could afford his side. So, would it be even remotely possibly to obtain a loan? Would it help me anyway to have my grandmother cosign? She has a perfect credit score and a huge credit history, all flawless.

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