Buyer first home with no down payment, possible?

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I want to take the tax credit of $ 8,000 to first home buyers, but I’m not sure if I scrape enough for a down payment on December 1, I can still get a mortgage? I make about $ 42,000 per year and have only $ 500 per month out of debt (student loans and car). My credit score is around 650 I am single and childless. I pay my utilities for the moment I put my rent and the rent is $ 450 per month (my mortgage would be much cheaper). I am interested seizures are between $ 30-50 thousand. Are there programs out there for the first time home buyer, I would only pay the closing costs be? Do you think that banks would be willing to work with me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (I have saved money by not taking care of a sick family member who died recently)


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