Best way to ask my uncle to borrow money?

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Ok to make a long story short we are living in a horrible apartment building. In the last 3-4 months it has turn into drug central. My landlord has made fake promises on kicking these losers out but keeps having reason not to. (he won’t kick people out in this economy) My parents promise they would loan us money to buy. We found a place, put in an offer (like my parents said to) and at the last min my parents back out. I haven’t talked to my parents since.
I was told by 1 of my aunts a while ago to go ask my uncle from money. He’s not married no children. He works non stop. So he has money. (at least I’m told he does) I used to be very close to my uncle when he lived next door to my parents but since he moved no so much.
I’m scared to death to go ask. I called him on Thursday & asked him if we could come over I had something to ask well a favor to ask. He said he was going away this weekend & to call him on Monday. What’s the best way to ask? We need about $ 1500-$ 2000. We have other money to put down but we want to put more money down to get a better interest rate. I’m also scared to ask since we want to buy a trailer. (its brand new but already set up in a mostly older people park) Our plan is to live there till is paid off. Then move it & build. We want to do alot of traveling & things before we get ourselves in to a $ 700+ mortgage & kids.
Any advice tips? If he does loan us the money. We are going to tell him we will pay him back $ 2500 when we get our tax returns. We would have the money paid back with interest if he wants in under 6 months.
We…fiance and myself. Why does it matter?

Tax return we will get because of other things. (not going into long detail)
My parents kept pushing us to buy & buy because they had the money. We were thinking about buying but weren’t sure because of money. When I said we are going to sign papers. They said great good luck, when I called right after they said they can’t. Saying no one helped them why should they help us. (my parents are pretty well off) I have never asked them for money not since I was 17 and started working full time.
telling me to go to another site…hell thats the best advice I have got so far!

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